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What is Burtex Studio car detailing and why is it needed?

Detailing is a special technology of comprehensive care, protection, restoration of the interior and appearance of the car. She is characterized by attention to detail, excellent results, and versatility. Suitable for all types of surfaces - glossy, smooth and textured plastic, glass, painted and polished metal, artificial and natural leather, textiles.

Burtex Studio detailing allows you to return a worn or dirty car to its pre-operational state or properly prepare the vehicle for long-term storage. Often a car after global detailing looks more attractive than new cars. The technology is based on the use of special synthetic auto chemicals based on polymers, ceramics, waxes, and surfactants.

Types of detailing

Exterior detailing

The presented detailing includes a variety of technological processes aimed at performing the following important operations:

  •  quality vehicle care
  •  recovery;
  •  protection of the external surfaces of the machine;
  •  performing important procedures: from washing, deep restoration and ending with the repair of dents.

For each individual case, it is customary to use programs aimed at solving a particular problem.

This is not a standard car polishing that many car owners are used to talking about and hearing about. Under exterior detailing, it is customary to consider a professional approach and special attention to small details. During work, an experienced master without fail cleans all hard-to-reach areas using a specially shaped brush.

In addition, the detailer performs the processing of all chrome surfaces, rubbing them to a mirror finish. After all, it is precisely from such trifles that the attractive appearance of each car consists.

The main purpose of exterior detailing is to make the car even more attractive in appearance. At the same time, this process implies minimal damage to the paintwork of surfaces during restoration and creation of special protection.

Interior detailing

Interior detailing is based on an appropriate set of technological processes aimed at cleaning the internal surfaces of the car. This applies to competent dry cleaning of the entire interior of the car, cleaning of leather seats, wet cleaning of the ceiling up to cleaning the spare wheel niche. During these works, the master cleans every centimeter, paying attention to the characteristics of individual materials: plastic, glass, metal, leather. After all, each material needs the use of a special set of care products.

Why do you need car Burtex Studio detailing?

Purifies, restores, protects

Detailing provides care for all surfaces of the car: paintwork, glass, wheels, tires, metal, plastic, rubber and chrome parts. Each surface is processed in its own way and by its own means.

Hard-to-reach places are not ignored either: fender liner, opening hinges, seams and moldings, plastic and rubber bands under the hood. Premium detailing includes washing and polishing suspension components and calipers.

Stands out from the crowd

After detailing, the car looks like it just came off the production line. This is best seen in slushy weather, when the self-cleaning effect is in full force. With a headwind, water and dirt fly off the car and it stays cleaner longer than untreated cars.

The detailing effect is also noticeable in the evening in low light. This is because protective coatings are more reflective than paint. When it gets dark, watch the road and you will see that some cars reflect the headlights much brighter than others and look like they are covered with a glass shell.

Increases comfort and safety

After the glass has been treated, rain and dirt do not linger on them and do not impair the driver's view. And from a speed of 45 km / h, the water itself runs away from the windows, which reduces the need for wipers.

Helps to sell

After detailing, the car looks almost like new, which helps to sell it for more than the average market price. Aftermarket dealerships understand this and often resort to the services of detailers.