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Benefits of Burtex Studio detailing

Car detailing is a complex of high-tech car maintenance operations aimed at ensuring thorough and complete car care. At its core, auto detailing is a complex of optimally matched and ideally combined services provided at a professional level and aimed at achieving maximum results.

Simply put, detailing is a kind of general cleaning of a car, during which not only the body and interior of the car are cleaned and put in order, but also other elements of the exterior and interior of the car. It should be noted that initially this service was positioned as the preparation of cars for exhibitions. Seeing the excellent result of detailing services, car owners highly appreciated the degree of restoration of various elements of the car, bringing it to a condition almost like new.

Why is detailing necessary?

Among some motorists, most often beginners, there is an erroneous opinion that a car wash is detailing, but it is fundamentally wrong to think so! A traditional car wash only allows you to wash the outside of the body and rims of the car, sometimes cleaning the interior and trunk can be added to it. Detailing not only combines washing and body treatment (polishing, applying a protective coating, etc.) into one comprehensive service, but also brings it to a completely new quality level!

What is the purpose of ordering an auto detailing service:

  • car detailing gives such amazing results that as a result it becomes possible to return the car to its second youth - you must admit, it is much more pleasant to use a car that has many years, but at the same time looks like new;
  • detailing allows you to protect the body parts of the car from damage and increase the comfort of its operation;
  • using detailing, it is possible to ensure reliable preservation of a vehicle, since the applied protective coating minimizes the impact of various aggressive environmental factors, which is especially important in long-term storage conditions.

Benefits of Burtex Studio detailing

Auto detailing services have clear and undeniable advantages over a traditional car wash:

  • An integrated approach to car cleaning. At the same time, all work on cleaning, washing and polishing the body, cleaning interior surfaces, processing the engine compartment and the engine itself are carried out by one specialist. Undoubtedly, this approach guarantees the best result in terms of bringing the car in order.
  • Individual approach to each car. An individual microfiber cloth is used for each car, which fundamentally distinguishes detailing from a regular car wash, where the same rags are used for all cars and may not change for several weeks.
  • Flexible choice of optimal detailing services depending on the age, mileage and initial condition of the car. So, for a relatively new car, polishing of the body is not required, and painting work on the body, repair of upholstery, etc. is not required. not every car will need it. If necessary, the client can always include or exclude individual services from the comprehensive auto detailing service.
  • High detail work. This is the fundamental advantage of detailing, which is the basis of this service. Literally every available millimeter of the car is subjected to careful study. If necessary, the upholstery of the ceiling of the cabin is cleaned, unpleasant odors inside the car are removed, the pallet under the "reserve" is cleaned and much more. None of even the highest quality car wash provides such a high degree of process detail as detailing.
  • The use of the highest quality materials when detailing (the best car chemicals, microfiber cloths, special rags made of waffle fabric and artificial suede, etc.).
  • Long lasting effect. If an ordinary car wash provides freshness to the appearance of the car only for a short time, most often before the first rain, a meeting with a puddle or a trip along a dusty road, then detailing returns a spectacular appearance to the car for a long time due to the complex effect of cleaning and protective agents. In addition, detailing allows you to update and protect the interior surface, which is almost impossible to achieve during traditional cleaning in a conventional car wash.

Perhaps the only drawback of auto detailing is the significantly higher cost compared to a regular car wash. However, the high fee for the detailing service is fully offset by the long duration of the effect achieved and the high quality of the result.