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1.9.2022 5:30

Detailing vs car wash

Detailing is a complex of cosmetic services for a car, including washing, dry cleaning of the interior, body polishing, body coating with protective compounds. During such care, each element is worked out in detail, a wide range of high-quality materials and professional tools are used.

The complex includes services such as: 

  • Car cleaning; 
  • Recovery; 
  • Repair and protection of body coating; 
  • Repair of individual elements.

Why detailing is needed

During the simplest wash, you can wash the body and disks, as additional services, the interior and luggage compartment are cleaned. The body can be polished and coated with a protective agent. Detailing includes all of these procedures, however, they go to a new level. Today, detailing is resorted to in order to improve the appearance of a car before selling it. As a rule, the cost of it pays off. In addition, detailing makes it possible to:

  • Return the car to its former appearance; 
  • Protect body parts from damage; 
  • Protect your car from environmental influences.

Detailing and regular washing. Differences

A regular car wash is very different from detailing, which consists of three stages:

  • Non-contact application of car shampoo on the body and a special agent on the wheels;
  • Hand washing with shampoo and special microfiber cloths;
  • Applying a protective agent.

Regular washing is just the first step. In addition, its process does not include a thorough cleaning of the interior, repair and restoration work on the body and interior elements

Pros of detailing

Detailing has clear advantages over conventional car wash. Washing the body and interior is only one of the stages of detailing, and not the most important. The advantages of detailing include the following details.

  • An integrated approach to car cleaning. All work on cleaning, washing and polishing the body, cleaning interior surfaces, processing the engine compartment and the engine itself are carried out by one specialist. This approach allows you to achieve the best results in bringing the car in order.
  • Individual approach to each car. For each car, several individual rags are started, which distinguishes detailing from a regular car wash, where rags are changed at best once a month.
  • Flexibility of approach. Detailing is a process necessary for a car of any age. However, depending on the mileage, age and condition of the car, the stages of the process also change. For example, a new car does not need body polishing, not every car will need body and painting work, upholstery repair, etc. If desired, the client can include or exclude certain services from the auto detailing process.
  • High detail. This plus underlies the details itself. Literally every available centimeter of the car is processed. If necessary, the upholstery of the ceiling of the passenger compartment is cleaned, unpleasant odors inside the car are eliminated, and even the pallet for the spare wheel is cleaned. No car wash achieves this level of detail.
  • High quality detailing. When carrying out work on detailing, the highest quality materials are used: the best car chemicals, microfiber cloths, special rags (waffle and artificial suede), etc.
  • The duration of the impact. A regular car wash freshens up the look of a car for a short period of time – until the first rain, puddle or driving on a dusty road. Detailing returns a spectacular appearance to the car for a long time due to the complex effect of cleaning and protective agents. In addition, detailing allows you to update and protect the interior coating, which cannot be achieved by cleaning the interior at a conventional car wash.