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21.9.2022 6:23

Vinyl Wraps: A Uniquely “You” Solution to Many Car Problems

Is it time for you to consider a vinyl wrap?

You love your car. She’s part of the family. And, it’s time we admit it: she’s looking a little tired. Or maybe it’s time for a completely new look, but you don't want to invest in a new vehicle or an expensive and time consuming paint job.

Time for some TLC. Photo by Christopher Luther on Unsplash

When to Consider a Vinyl Wrap

A vinyl wrap may be the solution to your problem. Vinyl wraps, or car wraps, are essentially giant, super tough stickers that are applied to the exterior of your vehicle by a vehicle graphics installer. Burtex Studios is licensed to apply these from some of the industry’s top providers, including 3M. 

Benefits of a Vinyl Wrap


Car wraps come in an almost infinite selection of colors. 3M alone offers over 100 choices, and the vinyl wraps come with different finishes, or textures. Finishes on 3M vinyl include brushed, carbon fiber, matte, satin and gloss. Each gives a different look. Stop by the shop to see them in person! We’d love to talk to you about your options.


When you opt to have your car wrapped, you have a few options other than color. Many people choose to have their entire vehicle covered for a completely fresh look, but this isn’t the only option. Smaller images, detailing, or accent work can also be completed based on the vision you have for the perfect version of your vehicle. The sky is the limit—with vinyl wraps applied by Burtex Studios, our licensed technicians can discuss your options with you and ensure you have the most personalized experience possible. 


When applied and cared for properly, a car wrap will last five to seven years. This includes protection from environmental damage, and light protection from scratches and dings. While a vinyl wrap does completely cover the car in most cases, it should not be treated as an armor coating. It is, however, a long-lasting and beautiful finish for almost a decade when cared for correctly. 

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

When you DON'T Want a Vinyl Wrap

Admittedly, there are very few disadvantages to having your car wrapped. They are quick, cost-effective, and durable. However, there are times when a vinyl wrap is not the best choice for your vehicle. 

Your Car Has Significant Damage

If your car’s paint job or body has significant dings, dents, or deep scratches, a vinyl wrap will not hide these imperfections. The wrap is very thin, and while this typically results in a beautiful, body-hugging finish, with significant damage it will simply adhere to the imperfections, leaving your new look a little less exciting than we’d like. In this case, you may want to consider having your vehicle polished first, to smooth out some of those problems. Burtex Studios can perform this service for you as well as discuss your best options when it comes to having the finish of your dreams.

You Want Something Permanent

A vinyl wrap will last five to seven years when cared for properly. But maybe that’s not permanent enough for what you’re envisioning. If you are wanting a change that will last for ten years and beyond, a different detailing service may be more suitable for your needs. For example, Paint Protection Film will cover your vehicle’s current color, and protect it for ten years. A ceramic coating may also be something you’d want to consider, especially if your car takes a lot of environmental damage.

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

We are Burtex Studio: Talk to Us

Excited about applying a vinyl wrap to your car? Confused about the process? Curious about the cost? Maybe you just want to see all the available colors (and there are lots, trust us)! We are here to help you and answer all of your questions.

Regardless of what you are envisioning, Burtex Studio has the experience, care, and industry tools and materials to help you achieve your goals. Our experts will carefully look over your vehicle and talk with you to understand what you want for your car. You won’t experience pushy salespeople or condescension here, as we always put our customers’ experiences first. We want you to be as excited as we are to refinish your vehicle into something you can be proud of. 

Trust us to care for you and your car, and you won’t be disappointed. Give us a call or stop by anytime. We’d love to talk with you!