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Distinguished Artistry: Superior Upholstery Customization

Personalize Your Ride

Steering Wheel Customization at its Finest

Our upholstery services begin with a clean slate – the removal of old material and meticulous preparation of the steering wheel foam. Some steering wheels have factory padding, which we reapply before adding Leather or Alcantara upholstery. We provide fully custom upholstery services, with a broad selection of materials and designs to suit your individual style. Our bespoke steering wheel projects range from restoring factory designs to crafting intricate upholstery

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Signature Stitches

Mastering Custom Design in Auto Upholstery

Our bespoke services transcend standard steering wheel restoration. We pride ourselves in offering custom stitch designs, be it factory-specific or a unique pattern of your choice. Each stitching type we create is a testament to our commitment to auto manufacturing excellence. With our innovative techniques, we breathe life into every thread, transforming your steering wheel into a masterpiece of craftsmanship.
Unify Your Interior

Tailored Detailing for a Consistent Aesthetic

Manifest your unique design statement by reimagining your car's interior details with matching materials and stitching. From factory to custom designs, we specialize in refining shift boots, knobs, emergency brake handles, boots, armrests, center console trims, and dashboard trims. With our comprehensive solutions, your car interior upholstery will be as distinctive as you are.
Doorstep Collection:

Premium Steering Wheel Restoration in Los Angeles"

Serving Los Angeles, South Bay, Orange County, and Huntington Beach, we're proud to elevate our steering wheel restoration services with a distinctive offer. As a part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we introduce our pick-up service. Our trained technician can visit your location to collect your steering wheel and discuss the range of material choices for its refurbishment. This premium service, designed for your convenience, is available for an extra fee.

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KAVACA Paint Protection Film / Clear Bra
A high-quality self healing film that protects your car's paint from damage and keeps it looking new.
Ceramic Pro Coating
A durable coating that provides enhanced protection against light scratches,swirls, UV damage, and environmental pollutants.
Paint Correction Service
We'll remove swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation from your car's paint, restoring its original luster.
KAVACA Window Tint
Improve your vehicle's appearance and reduce heat inside
Steering Wheel Restoration
We'll customize or refresh the look of your vehicle's interior, ensuring your comfort and enhancing your driving experience.
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